Joe Purdy

The Vanguard and Bros. Houligan Presents...

Joe Purdy

Sam Westhoff, Whitney Fenimore

Wed, May 3, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

$18.00 - $40.00

Joe Purdy
Joe Purdy
Celebrated singer/songwriter Joe Purdy is more aptly described as a troubadour—the term, as archaic as it may seem, refers moreover to the idea of a communicator of folklore through song-- one who travels and tells stories using the effective medium of music. Purdy understands that his own live music tradition has as much to do with commanding captivated, pin-drop silence as it does prompting roars - which it most definitely has - because in those hushed moments, a solemn and crystal-clear voice, the resonance of acoustic guitar strings into the reverberant din of a music hall, his stories are being heard. It is a pure experience. It’s about Joe and his audience.

This direct communication with his fans has, year after year, album after album, translated from the stage to the further dissemination of his folklore. Purdy has chosen to release his albums on his own independent label, Mudtown Crier Records, and with the help of national TV placements and that constant conversation with a strong and evergrowing fan base, he has been able to sell a staggering 1 million direct track downloads in the US on iTunes without ever signing to a label. Joe and those people, all over the country (and beyond) perpetually willing to
hear his stories.

Case in point, he released his 11th album 4th of July on the 28th of June 2010 at four o’clock in the morning, because that’s when he finished it. Joe's writing process is heavily influenced by his environment. His albums act as a travel guide for his experiences. Last Clock On The Wall (2009) was recorded over 6 days at Old Mill Studios, located in a 17th Century mill converted into a live arts theater in Strathaven, just outside
of Glasgow, Scotland. Take My Blanket and Go (2007) was recorded in NYC following a UK tour in 2006, You Can Tell Georgia (2006) was recorded outside of London, immediately following a European tour with Tom McRae, while Paris in the Morning (2006) was recorded during a short visit to Paris a few months later. And, in contrast, Canyon Joe (2007) was recorded at his home in California, after being stranded in New Mexico during a blizzard over New Years Eve.

Purdy’s last album, This American , is rich with imagery, haunting andutterly unique, filled with warm American folklore and real storytelling. Reflections of moving about underscore more of the ‘travelogue’ motif (“Highways,” “Oregon Trail”), through plaintive acoustic arrangements perfectly appropriate- with audible count-offs, unedited breaths, whistling, etc and melodies channeled through Purdy’s distinctive yearning voice. Adding to his arsenal, Purdy has been embraced by a broader audience
through Prime Time network television. His song “Wash Away
(Reprise)," from the J ulie Blue album, was chosen by J.J. Abrams for an episode of Lost in its first season. S hortly after, Joe’s, “I Love the Rain Most” (also off J ulie Blue ) was featured in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, which led to “The City (Only Four Seasons)” being included in the show, as well as on the Grey’s Anatomy Season I soundtrack. Additionally, Purdy landed five more songs in Grey’s… episodes including "San Jose" (Take My Blanket and Go),” “Suitcase” (Only Four Seasons), “Can’t Get It Right Today” (You Can Tell Georgia), and "Rainy Day Lament" (Stomping Grounds), which was featured on an episode of
House. “Can't Get It Right Today" was also featured in a national KIA ad, and “Wash Away (Reprise)” was very notably used in a Dawn Soap Wildlife ad, helping to raise a significant amount of money to rescue wildlife and the gulf spill clean up.

In 2016, Purdy will be heading into the studio to turn more of his
experiences into what are sure to be thought-provoking and
heart-tugging songs, and back out on the road to be the traveling
troubadour for all his fans. As we have come to expect the unexpected with Joe Purdy - a new album (or two?) could be just a day away.
Sam Westhoff
Sam Westhoff
Sam started his musical career as a classical/jazz pianist, but eventually ventured into the singer songwriter realm. In 2014, he was invited to travel to Oxford, UK to further develop his writing style. In 2015, he returned to The States with a sound that mashed together elements of soul, blues and folk. His first EP "Hello, My Name Is" was released shortly after his return to the states, followed by his release of his second EP "Slow Down" in the summer of 2016. He is currently performing in the southern US while producing his first full length album.
Much appreciation to all the support over the past two years! More exciting news to come.
Whitney Fenimore
Whitney Fenimore
Whitney Fenimore is a 21-year-old talented, passionate, singer/songwriter from Tulsa, Oklahoma who has been singing and playing music since she was a child. On October 6, 2010 she released her second EP titled, "Ready. Let. Go." The album has a variety of different fun sounds ranging from honky-tonk piano melodies to catchy pop tunes. David Gungor and John Arndt who played on Grammy award winning group, Gungor, added their funky flare to the album. The album makes mention of love, boys, and the occasional crappy break-up.

Fenimore has played in numerous venues from coffee shops and churches to bars and college campuses. She grew up playing in churches and actually got her start leading praise and worship in her church. "I want to try and reach whoever I can with my music and I know that means not just playing in churches.," said Fenimore. She is expanding her horizons by pursuing a secular music career, but still holding steadfast to her roots. Fenimore's band currently consists of Andrew Crow (piano), Andrew Glover (electric guitar), Jon Clark (electric guitar), Luke McLeod (Drums), Spencer Sharpe (Bass) and of course Whitney Fenimore herself on acoustic guitar and lead vocals. Members of the band are from Tulsa, Oklahoma City and Houston. She released her first EP titled, "Take Hold of Me" in 2008 and has been playing shows around Tulsa for the past few years.

She and her band took 2nd place at ORU's Battle of the Bands and continue playing at different venues around Tulsa. One of Fenimore's songs from her previous album ("Take Hold of Me") got voted into the top 25 songs at the GMA music festival in 2009. Music is what Whitney Fenimore was created to do and you can tell that she comes alive when she is taking part in just that. Find out more about her on her Facebook music page at Whitney Fenimore Music or look up her music on iTunes.
Venue Information:
The Vanguard
222 North Main Street
Tulsa, OK, 74103