Darku J

with Ject, The Runaway
Sat Nov, 3 9:00 pm
The Vanguard
Ages 18 and Up
$5.00 - $10.00
Darku J

DJ/Producer/GoGo/Sushi lover


Minimal/Dub Techno DJ and Producer

The Runaway

A thick, orchestral, low-passed, and organic sound best encompasses the Philharmonic
Orchestra/Jam session musical vision of The Runaway. Also the founder of 1952 Records, the
artist relies significantly on real-world recordings and sounds for his mixes which pushes him at
times to go on adventures in abandoned buildings, tunnels, forests, etc. This, on top of a strong
interest in deep, minor emotional vibes, contributes to the idea behind his music: “I would rather
feel something than dance. If a record can make me do both, it’s pure gold.” Through an ever-
changing story of redemption, The Runaway developed his passion into a natural process and
now focuses on helping other artists with the growing platform that is 1952 Records.