with Let Slip The Dogs, Destro
Mon Feb, 4 7:00 pm
The Vanguard
All Ages

Source is a Progressive Metal Band that writes music about the beauty of all that is.

Let Slip The Dogs

A new chapter is beginning and a band has come together, hell-bent on shattering everything you know about Oklahoma metal. Let Slip the Dogs draws from each member's decades of musical experiences and influences from across the musical spectrum and forges it into their own vision of heavy music. All three members are heavily rooted in the Oklahoma music scene with 20+ years of live experience each. Guitarist/Vocalist - Bryan Parker (formerly of Bait and David Castro Band), Bassist/Vocalist - Travis Inselman (13 Cent Kill and David Castro Band), and Drummer/Vocalist – Kenny VanWinkle (formerly of Badroot and The Kevorkian’s) take a “nothing is off limits” approach to their songwriting, calling on elements of jazz, fusion, improvisation, and more in order to create their unique metal sound. 

Recently “unleashed” on the live scene, Let Slip the Dogs is coming soon to a venue near you! 

Some of the band's influences include Black Sabbath, Clutch, Tool, Alice In Chains, Deftones, King's X, Avenged Sevenfold, Devin Townsend Project, Pink Floyd, and Lionize.


Weird and heavy. Like a machine made to change the weather, we are not limited to one sound. We are simply metal you have yet to experience. But soon......