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The Vanguard and Bros Houligan Present...

Dissonant Possession

with Constant Peril, Esc Ctrl
Sun Oct, 9 7:00 pm ( Doors: 6:00 pm )
The Vanguard
All Ages
$15 General Admission
Dissonant Possession
Symphonic Blackened Death Metal from the bible belt.
Constant Peril

This band formed out of the ashes of a great Deluge. Ages ago before the dawning of reason a small space rock fell to earth, on it was a virus. This virus would spread as fast as the wind and its symptoms are vast. They range from the most innocent misunderstanding to the most horrific premeditated acts of violence but that was long ago. Now it has terrified men so long it has manifested in five Gods the like of which has never been seen before. They are here to remind you that you’re all in CONSTANT PERIL!!!!!!

Esc Ctrl
Esc Ctrl is a 3 piece metal band from Muskogee, Ok. With Matt Hunter on Vocals/Bass, Nickolas McAnally on Guitar, and Ray Walsh on drums.