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The Vanguard and Bros Houligan Present...

Dead on a Sunday

with NITE, Forrest Isn't Dead
Fri Sep, 22 8:00 pm ( Doors: 7:00 pm )
The Vanguard
All Ages
Additional Info

No backpacks or other large bags will be permitted at entry. If a bag is necessary, we encourage you to carry something the size o a standard fanny pack or clutch. All bags subject to search at entry. 

All patrons will be subject to wanding with a metal detector at entry. No weapons, including folding pocket knives, will be allowed to enter the venue. 

No outside drinks or reusable drink containers will be permitted. This incldues Camelbak style backpacks. 

No smoking allowed inside venue. WE have an open re-entry policy, so you will be permitted to go outside if you would like to smoke during the event. 
Dead on a Sunday
Dark alt-rock from the city of Denver, Colorado, Dead On A Sunday was formed in early 2021 by artist/producer Ross Ryan. After years of touring under another moniker on the electronic music circuit, Ryan felt a calling back to his roots in dark-rock based music. Having never sang in a project before, he tried his hand at lead vocals (as well as performing, writing, producing and mixing all the music for the project). The result was Dead On A Sunday’s first single “So What If It Kills Me”. The track was released in August of 2021 with several singles to follow over the next year. The debut “Strange Days” would be released in Fall of 2022 (a body of 12 songs Ryan had been curating over the past 18 months). In order to perform live, Ryan formed a band around the project consisting of drummer Tim Maholic and guitarist Franky Montano.

The project began to see widespread success in late 2022, after users on popular social app, TIK TOK compared singer Ross Ryan’s vocals to those of Bob Belcher from the popular Fox TV show Bob’s Burgers. Thanks to an edit made by the show’s supervising director, Simon Chong, as well as several live performance videos where Ryan took the stage in Bob Belcher cosplay, the group went viral. The TIK TOK trend helped boost Dead On A Sunday’s profile and began to attract an active following of dark music lovers as well as shine light on the recently released LP. Quickly followed up by the six track EP “Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead” and several headlining dates across US markets, Dead On A Sunday is cementing themselves in as a mainstay in the scene.
Forrest Isn't Dead