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The Vanguard and Bros. Houligan Present...

Rattlesnake Diner

with Wednesday People, Greyland, Panty Lines
Fri Apr, 12 8:00 pm ( Doors: 7:00 pm )
The Vanguard
All Ages
Additional Info
No backpacks or other large bags will be permitted at entry. If a bag is necessary, we encourage you to carry something the size of a standard fanny pack or clutch. All bags subject to search at entry.

All patrons will be subject to wanding with a metal detector at entry. No weapons, including folding pocket knives, will be allowed to enter the venue. 

No outside drinks or reusable drink containers will be permitted. This includes Camelbak style backpacks. 

No smoking allowed inside venue. We have an open re-entry policy, so you will be permitted to go outside if you would like to smoke during the event. 
Rattlesnake Diner
Tulsa, OK shoegaze, indie rock band for those 3am drives through the desert 
Wednesday People
Hello, we are greyland, we are a post-rock/shoegaze band from Tulsa, OK. Since forming in late 2021 we have played many shows in the states surrounding us in addition to releasing 25 minutes worth of music. We are currently recording a second EP that is aimed to be released in the summer/fall. 
Panty Lines