American Standards (Floor Show!)

The Vanguard and Bros. Houligan Presents...

American Standards (Floor Show!)

Obscure Sanity, The Coast Beneath, LOCAL TBA

Sun, May 21, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

$7.00 - $10.00

This event is all ages

American Standards
American Standards
Our new album "Anti-Melody" is available now. With singles premiered on Revolver Magazine and Lambgoat, see what the critics are saying about it...

"Anti-Melody will open your eyes to the outside world. If you're a fan of social commentary with intense breakdowns and sing-alongs, this is the album for you." -Groovey.TV

"Bands like American Standards are taking risks and blurring the lines of genre specific songs." -Shockwave Magazine

"It wouldn’t surprise me if this album were included as an essential hardcore album." -New Transcendence

"Wrong email address. Please forward to" -Rolling Stone

"Each song on Anti-Melody has it’s own distinct character. American Standards manage to maintain the spirit and anger of first wave hardcore while bringing their own defiant style."

"Chaotic, noisy, and sometimes mathy riffage joins forces with a commanding frontman who can make you laugh, rage, and everything in between." -Metal Trenches

"Energetic, unconventional, and chaotic to the core." -Ouch That Hertz

"ANTI-MELODY brings to mind the crusty sauna smell of a house show. Anyone who gets to see this band in that habitat has my envy." -PunKanormal Activity

"Brutal and uncompromising hardcore." -Alt Dialogue

"Gets your adrenaline going and engages you emotionally." -Uber Rock

"Modern, atypical hardcore which succeeds at being both aggressive and emotive." -Wonderbox Metal

"Some bands play it safe in an effort to hit mainstream charts, win awards and sell out for an extra dollar. American Standards is not one of those bands. They are breaking rules, taking risks and making their own unique mark in the music world." -Music Existence

"This is an album that cannot be ignored. ANTI-MELODY is brilliant". -Music Existence
Obscure Sanity
Obscure Sanity
We are a metal band from Tulsa, Oklahoma. We're five guys who love to play technical riffs, fast beats and scream our hearts out. We are really big on getting local bands noticed and playing around our home town as well as in Fort Smith and surrounding states. We are ready to play any shows that are offered to us and we won't disappoint.
Venue Information:
The Vanguard
222 North Main Street
Tulsa, OK, 74103