Bass Race 2: Feat. Murder Palace

The Vanguard and Bros. Houligan Presents...

Bass Race 2: Feat. Murder Palace

Darku J, KREWX, DJ Zach Fast

Fri, June 2, 2017

Doors: 9:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

$5.00 - $10.00

This event is 18 and over

Murder Palace
Murder Palace
Heinous Bass. Terrorizing Techno. Evocative Underground. Founded under Black White Blood in late 2014, MURDER PALACE is a collective of creators that fuse music, film, theater and gaming as one.

MURDER PALACE’s trio of artists have been carving out their signature sound — a brooding and mysterious energy intent on surfacing the listener’s deepest, most profound thoughts. Producers of high-end, polished, cinematic content, MURDER PALACE strives to be the best in creating an imaginative and immersive experience for their fans — both in the practical world and virtual world.

Fusing the best of different worlds into one, MURDER PALACE is an alternative reality home to three devious fictional characters — The Muse, The Passenger, and their leader, The Crown Killer — one cannot exist without the other.
Darku J
Darku J
I Don't Sleep much but I like to shake my butt.

Darku J is a lover of all types of music. No matter what type of music you prefer, Darku J will give you something you'll love. His vast musical knowledge, crowd-pleasing song selection and creativity keep his schedule field with gigs both in his hometown of Tulsa and around the Nation. In Tulsa he is the first call for hi-profile club parties, corporate functions and private events. No stranger to producing and remixing, Darku J has had several remix as well as originals released on numerous blogs and labels.
(Cody Tucker)
AFFILIATIONS: Robot Dance Records, U Don’t Dance Records, #BASSMOB, #SUBSONIXTULSA

Like a true craftsman, Krewx melds together all ends of the genre spectrum with the deepest bass and energetic layers of melodies designed to guide you on a musical journey. His light is shining brightly throughout the underground scene both behind the decks and in the studio. With Original Release Night After Night (7/7/2014), and This Feeling (5/25/15) in stores and his highly anticipated Future Womp EP set to release 7/20/15 on internationally known label Robot Dance Records (USA), Cody Tucker in just two years has masterminded a musical project that is quickly gaining worldwide attention. Pushing out the freshest edits and remixes month to month catching support from artist all over. Having played most major electronica festivals and venues in Oklahoma, this artist is only going to get bigger and better. Soon everyone will be on to Krewx. With a concrete background in House, and deep stomach-turning-heart-stopping bass, Krewx makes it nearly impossible to be labeled with any one specific genre but is most commonly known for Club DJing.
It is easy to see he is no stranger to the music scene. Formerly known as a lead/rhythm guitarist and songwriter for nationally known metal-core band The First Fight, Krewx has been either writing music, collaborating in recording studios, or performing live for audiences – even winning a Battle of the Bands age 12! Early influences include familiar electronic artists such as Familjen, Daft Punk, and Ratatat, he naturally gravitated to the underground rave scene which later quickly matured into the flourishing music career of Krewx, steam rolling into Electric Circus, a 3 year running residency in Tulsa,Ok. Krewx is on top of his game, building a loyal following, gaining international attention at a rapid rate with hopes to be in your city soon.
DJ Zach Fast
DJ Zach Fast
Zach started DJ'ing 2008 in a bedroom with borrowed gear, now he's doing big things. His sets span multiple genres with many different styles of mixing and turntablism scattered throughout guaranteed to make the room bounce.

Acts played with:
Zeds Dead
Treasure Fingers
DJ Kue
Crystal Vision
Fishr Pryce

House Party Fridays - Electric Circus(Tulsa, OK) - May 2013 - 2015.

Oh Snap - Electric Circus(Tulsa, OK) - December 2012 - 2015

Events played:
Louisianime 2011 (300+)
Tokyo In Tulsa 2011(1000+)
Tokyo In Tulsa 2012(1000+)
Anime St louis 2012(500+)
Spiderball 2013 - IDL Ballroom - Tulsa(1200+)
Crystalball NYE party - IDL Ballroom - Tulsa(1200+)
Venue Information:
The Vanguard
222 North Main Street
Tulsa, OK, 74103