Jack Ketch and The Bilge Rat Bastards

The Vanguard and Bros. Houligan Presents...

Jack Ketch and The Bilge Rat Bastards

Less Than Human, Machine In The Mountain, Pittersplatter

Fri, October 13, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


This event is all ages

Jack Ketch and The Bilge Rat Bastards
Jack Ketch and The Bilge Rat Bastards
drunkn pirate punk/metal band

Carrie Lillard- From Spank- Vocals
Eric Rose- From Oldman- Rhythm Guitar/ Vocals/ Percussion
Blake Musgrove- From Madewell/The Board- Acoustic Guitar/ Vocals
CJ McClellen- From Grind - Lead Guitar/ Vocals
Nikki Sherwood- From Benny's little weasel- Percussion
Tyler Firey- Accordion/ Keyboard/ Vocals
Summer Musgrove- Vocals
Becky Epstein- Vocals
Jason Woodland- From Benny's little weasel- Bass
Bob Adcox- Percussion
Less Than Human
Less Than Human
We're Less Than Human, an upcoming band from Tulsa OK. We are a metal band, but we enjoy keeping it interesting and utilizing other influences within the genre.

The band is fronted by vocalist Chase Adsit, on the bass guitar is his twin brother Colton Adsit, on guitar we have Brittany Graves, and keeping time signature is Josh Marraccini on the drums.
Machine In The Mountain
Machine In The Mountain
Expansion. Evolution. Metal.
Once upon a time the creature known as Worm Splatter sat alone toiling on his own brand of epic electronic music. Those early musical tappings and scratchings became the Oklahoma based electronic band, Pittersplatter. Pittersplatter's sound takes inspiration from a wide variety of dark music genres yet does not totally embrace any of them, instead choosing to exist in the favor of originality. The music is a mechanized chorus of angry yet melodic soundscapes paired with dark lyrical themes and monstrous imagery, creating a band unique in both look and sound. In the almost 10 years Pittersplatter has been playing live the band has gained itself its very own following of fans as diverse as the band's musical style itself. These fans coined the term "electronic nightmare music" in attempts to label what the band does, realizing that Pittersplatter is not completely aligned with any one genre or trend, Pittersplatter simply is.
Venue Information:
The Vanguard
222 North Main Street
Tulsa, OK, 74103