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Have you ever sat in a HUGE music venue and looked down on the stage from a distance that made your favorite band look like toy soldiers? Doesn’t it make you think to yourself “I wish I had seen them in a small venue before they got so big.” That’s what the Vanguard is all about. The word Vanguard means to be in front on the edge and that’s what you’ll find here. Bands, DJs and everything in between that are at the forefront of today’s music scene. Artists that are on their way up and great independent artists that like playing intimate venues. This is the place you can catch the next big thing, before they’re so big you can’t get a seat within 200 yards. At the Vanguard every seat is great whether you’re on the floor right in front of the band or comfortably seated in the balcony where you can still see what the band looks like.

We’re located in historic Brady district in downtown Tulsa, OK. You can find us in between two other great music venues the Brady Theater and Cain’s Ballroom.The Vanguard is not just another bar. We’re only open when we have shows because we’re just a music venue, nothing else.