with The Normandys, Sign of Lies, Reliance Code
Fri Nov, 30 7:00 pm
The Vanguard
All Ages

Wither is an American hard-rock band from Tulsa, OK; founded by brothers Jeremy (guitar/lead vocals) and Chuck Parrish (drums) in the early 90's under the name Ground Zero, the band later changed their name to Wither in the early 2000's with the addition of Gonzo (bass/backup vocals). After releasing their well-received EP in 2005 featuring local-hit single "Lights Out", Wither gained and continued to build a loyal fan base while touring extensively and sharing the stage with such artists as Breaking Benjamin, Crossfade, Seether, Smile Empty Soul, Saliva, Three Days Grace, Cold, and many more. With relatable lyrics and energetic songwriting paired with raw vocals, heavy guitars, gripping screams, and an animalistic drumming style, Wither is just as enticing to watch as they are to listen to. After making their return to the stage this year and being featured on the popular podcast 'From A Basement In Tulsa'.

The Normandys

The Normandys are a 5 piece original rock band from Tulsa, OK that consists of seasoned musicians from the punk/hardcore scene. Jay Horn, Weston Horn, Sean Degan, Les Hodge, and Pete Webb bring a clean and mature sound to their unique brand of working class punk rock. Just off the heels of wrapping up their full length album, “Booze, Bitterness & Broken Hearts,” The Normandys are already writing new material, and performing more and more as their album gains traction. 
The Normandys are best known for their high energy, sing-a-long style live shows. Lead singer Jay Horn is the ring leader and sets the hyperactive pace, while Pete Webb and Les Hodge maintain a deep pocket for Weston Horn and Shawn Degan to play dynamic, melodic guitar parts over. 
All in all, once you hear The Normandys you will see that the talent and writing style sets them apart from other bands in the same genre, but when you see them live that point is driven home with a jolt of energy, charisma, and maybe a shot of whiskey. 

"The Normandys Booze, Bitterness, Broken Hearts album has restored my faith in punk music. Bred in a Hepatitis Bathtub and bottle fed on whiskey, The Normandys don't disappoint." -Drew McKenna, Radio Personality - KHIT's Tulsa OK

Sign of Lies

Based out of Oklahoma Sign Of Lies is a high energy hard rock/metal band that delivers the power, punch and energy of the metal bands of the 80’s and today. Influenced/inspired by bands such as Megadeth, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Motley Crue, Korn, Slipknot, Ronnie James Dio, and many others. Sign Of Lies was formed by founding member Arik Hanradt (now 17 yrs. old) in January 2014. Arik’s Drive, Passion and discipline for music was mind blowing. He taught himself how to read, write and compose music. Learning multiple instruments at a very young age (8yrs.) Arik, started preforming live in 2013 when he was a member of the band REVOLVER opening for such National Acts as Faster Pussycat and many locals. Soon moving on to other projects and then found himself wanting to play his own music. In the course of a year he had come in contact with many musicians and befriend Jesse Marin a bass player that had the same dreams and goals as Arik. With the guidance of Arik’s Step Father Mark Stevenson, they began building the Band Sign Of Lies. Arik had already written several songs and collaborating with Jesse they built quite the arsenal of unique riffs and change ups. Looking to Recruiting a drummer and vocalist for the band with likeminded goals wouldn’t be easy. Finding that right fit for Arik and Jesse was going to be difficult to say the least. As the band began they went through many lineup changes and trials for the band. Some of which seemed to be the end of S.O.L. After playing several gigs with fill in vocalist and drummers, a friend mentioned a young man out of western Oklahoma that had recently moved to the city that wanted to audition. October 2015 Tanner Pruitt came in with no experience but had the style and drive that Arik and Jesse wanted. Tanner was one more piece of the puzzle for Sign Of Lies. Pushing forward and bringing on a drummer to Help record their first CD and not stop the machine of Sign Of Lies they hit the studio in November of 2015 and released their First Cd April of 2016. Still looking to complete the band with a strong lineup and After many auditions and fill in drummers they found young drummer by the name of Chason (Chase). Chase came on board during a solid show schedule, the guys were pounding the pavement with show after show. Seemed that Chase caught on very quick and began to earn his way into the band. With the band complete and the foundation set for a solid future they have made great strides to move forward with their goals and ambitions. They have many things lined up for the end of 2016 and hope to hit the road in 2017 with all wheels burning in the spring. We are looking forward to a self-support tour in 2017 and looking forward to a very bright future in the music business. Thanks for reading and all of your support. Much Love and Respect