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The Vanguard and Bros Houligan Present...


with Primitive Rage, Vulgarity, Constant Peril
Tue May, 2 7:00 pm ( Doors: 6:00 pm )
The Vanguard
All Ages
$15 General Admission
Additional Info
No backpacks or other large bags will be permitted at entry. If a bag is necessary, we encourage you to carry something the size of a standard fanny pack or clutch. All bags subject to search at entry.

All patrons will be subject to wanding with a metal detector at entry. No weapons, including folding pocket knives, will be allowed to enter the venue. 

No outside drinks or reusable drink containers will be permitted. This includes Camelbak style backpacks. 

No smoking allowed inside venue. We have an open re-entry policy, so you will be permitted to go outside if you would like to smoke during the event. 
Flagman was founded back in 2015 in Orlando, Florida by Sam Stewart and Cody Singleton,with a goal to create the crispiest, most deep-fried alternative metal the world had ever seen. That is, once they found a drummer. After a year-long search, Grant Freeman joined the duo, turning them into a trio. Channeling the eclecticism of the 90s rock scene with influences including Primus, System of a Down, and Mr. Bungle, Flagman's sound is as familiar as it is puzzling. Through the almost unnaturally logical combination of vocalist Sam's distinctive bass playing, drummer Grant's driving rhythms, and sizzling leads from guitarist Cody, the band has managed to create a combination that's completely unique.
Primitive Rage
grindcore powerviolence noise
Metalcore from Springfield, MO
Constant Peril

This band formed out of the ashes of a great Deluge. Ages ago before the dawning of reason a small space rock fell to earth, on it was a virus. This virus would spread as fast as the wind and its symptoms are vast. They range from the most innocent misunderstanding to the most horrific premeditated acts of violence but that was long ago. Now it has terrified men so long it has manifested in five Gods the like of which has never been seen before. They are here to remind you that you’re all in CONSTANT PERIL!!!!!!