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The Unseen

with Defiance, Clit 45, Monster Squad, Endless Struggle, The Krays, Brassknuckle Boys, Bonecrusher, The Oi! Scouts, Potato Pirates, Hardsell, RMBLR, The Bad Engrish, Cinderblock, Corrupted Youth, Assault & Battery, Mokosos, The Wheelz, Class System, Drunken Rampage, Moose Knuckle, Broken Cuffs, The Hacked, Gen Why
Fri Jul, 5 3:00 pm ( Doors: 3:00 pm )
The Vanguard
All Ages
$30.00 - $75.00
The Unseen
What started as a hobby for street-punks The Unseen has taken a life of its own and after fourteen years of blood and sweat the quintet will release their sixth album this summer.

The Unseen's inception dates back to 1993 when Mark, Tripp and Scott met while at school in Boston. Looking for something to do after school and on the weekends the misfits began making noise in their parents' basements. Influenced by artists such as The Clash, Bad Religion and Sick of it All, the guys began playing their own unique breed of Boston punk.

The bands project turned into a full-time gig in no time. Within only a few years the band had already carved a name for themselves in the local scene with their highly energetic shows and street hustled EPs. Over the course of the next few years the band released a slew of EPs and albums and in 2002 they added drummer Pat Melzard the lineup.

With the release of each album the band's tour schedule got more intense. In 2004 the group began a whirlwind tour that included dates in Europe, North America, Austraila, Japan and Mexico with fellow punk bands Sick of it All, Suicide Machines, Agnostic Front and Hatebreed among others. Additionally the band has done several full headlining tours across the United States.

In 2005, The Unseen signed to Hellcat Records and released State of Discontent, an aggressively raw album with stains of political discontent. Following the release the group added long time friend and guitarist Jonny for an additional punch to the band's already hostile sound. After opening for bands such as Tiger Army and Rancid in the US and Europe to support the album, the band launched a full-blown headlining tour of the US.

Unable to stay quiet or immobile after another relentless tour, The Unseen returned to their outpost in Stoughton, Massachusetts with longtime cohort and producer Jim Siegel in late 2006 to record their fifth album, Internal Salvation.

"To me the new album starts right where State of Discontent left off," explains frontman Mark Unseen. "We are still the unseen still playing real heavy hardcore punk but we are also not afraid to make a pro sounding album or to try something a bit different sometimes. We have always wanted to stay the same band but progress a little each album."

The Unseen, known for voicing their opinions on social and political matters, give listeners a heavy dose of what's on their mind with Internal Salvation, featuring songs that deal with problems in the world to the extinction of originality and thought. "Lyrically the album is mainly about not knowing what is going on and feeling like you're at a point where you don't know what to do to get ahead," says Unseen.

More comfortable on tour than not, The Unseen will be hitting the road in June with Van's Warped Tour 2007. Check them out in a town near you!
Clit 45
Monster Squad
Punk from California
Endless Struggle
Endless Struggle is a punk band from Salt Lake City, Utah. They originally formed in 1995 after Magoo left the band Total Chaos. Returning to Utah, Magoo enlisted Bobby to sing vocals, Greg to play bass, and T-Roy to play drums. After two shows, they added Jesse on second guitar. After a west coast tour, they were asked by Jake Casualty to begin recording songs for his record label, Charged Records. Eventually the band signed with A-F records and released one album. They broke up in 2006, reforming in 2010 with original members Bobby and Jesse. They added bass player Derwood who started playing with the band in 2003, Tay on drums who played with the band in 2005 and a new guitar player Robby. After the release of a 3 song self-titled EP, the band stopped playing actively and continued to promote the previous releases and to work on other projects. In April of 2017 the band co headlined a large music festival in Salt Lake called Sl’UT fest at Area 51. Immediately the band was offered a show in Tulsa OK playing a festival with the Casualties, Lower Class Brats and Chron Gen. They also were invited to open for the Descendents and the Bronx playing at the Depot in Salt Lake City, as well as GBH at club Metro. 
Endless Struggle has toured the United States numerous times, played festivals in Atlanta, the Stone Pony (Bruce Springsteen) in New Jersey, San Francisco and many places in between. The band also had to opportunity to play CBGB’s numerous times, the Troubadour in West Hollywood and a number of famous (infamous) music venues throughout the country. In addition to the Descendents, the band has played with just about every punk bund from all around the world including the Exploited, GBH, the Bronx, One Man Army, DRI, The Unseen, The Adicts, The Casualties as well as numerous other bands from all around the world. 
Endless Struggle’s music is available through Amazon, Itunes, and many independent record stores like Angry, Young and Poor, Interpunk, Raunch Records and numerous other stores. The music is also available through the top streaming web sources.
The Krays
New York City Street Punk Rock since 1994
Brassknuckle Boys
The Brassknuckle Boys stormed on to the American punk scene back in 1998 and have since become internationally infamous as an iconic, intelligent but tough-as-nails punk band firmly in the grasp of street rock n roll fans worldwide while maintaining their own unique sound that is dripping with Americana. The lyrical integrity and introspection dished out by the Brassknuckle Boys is a rarity and will stop you cold in your tracks.
American Rock n Roll,Pissed Off Working Class,Oi,Punk, Normal Guy Music.
The Oi! Scouts
New Jersey Punks
Potato Pirates
New Album "Raised Better Than This," available at Chain Reaction Records, potatopirates.bigcartel.com or at iTunes!
Hardsell founded in the Netherlands in 1995, now in Austin TX. A powerful blend of Oi!, HC and streetpunk.
“RMBLR”(pronounced “Rambler”) banded together July 4, 2016 by four mercenaries active as the “Filthy Few”, who were the touring line up for widely known, proto-punk sensations, Dinos Boys at the time. The mighty reign of RMBLR stretches down the east coast, with half of the band belonging to the boroughs of Baltimore and the other half making mischief in backstreets of Atlanta. A reputation precedes the members as a “Rabid Rock and Roll band that foams at the mouth with the snotty sounds of 70’s punk, snarling “buzz saw” blues riffs and a spit of hard glam, stadium stompin’ hooligan chants.” - (Jesus Christ) 

Direct descendants of Chuck Berry. Sons of The Saints and Cousins to Coloured Balls of Australia. Kin to The Kids of Belgium. Ramblers and Rumblers. Madmen and Muck Runners. Veterans and active soldiers serving a lifetime duty in the name of punk and rock and roll. 

The Bad Engrish
Started early 2009 in a 1 car garage with a couple of guys from Texas that were living in Denver at the time. they decided to move back to Texas so it was time to start lookin for new members. Along came Salminilla with his rockin gitar licks and we knew then and there he was gonna be our new lead gitar player! we tried a couple drummers and eventually turned to our roomate at the time, Justin, who agreed to play and so we were a 4 piece. Justin, being a gitar player before anything, decided he wanted to get on 2nd gitar and we thought our sound would be way better wit 2 of em so we enlisted long time friend J Man to jump behind the skins and start beating them and so we became a 5 piece. after a while Justin decided he didn't wanna be in the band anymore so we started lookin for a new 2nd gitar since we just didn't sound the same with only 1 and found some other guy that didn't last very long, then another. then another and so on and so forth and here we are at present and the rest is history!
Boston Punk
Corrupted Youth
Corrupted Youth is a Punk band from Los Angeles CA.
Assault & Battery
Assault & Battery is a streetpunk/oi!/hardcore band from Milwaukee, WI. Formed from members of Get Rad, Brutal Dildos, Cry Coyote, and Reckless Reasons.
Hardcore Punks based outta East/South Bay Area 
Lyrical content en español oí!
The Wheelz
Snotty 77 Punk Rock! The kinda thing yer Mom will Hate!!
Class System
UK82/Oi! from Sac and Chico. (Members of The Abuse/Ssyndrom/Crimial Wave)
Drunken Rampage
A new band with punk pedigree featuring the members of bands Suicidal Supermarket Trolleys, The Truents, The Krays, Distraught, and more... Blistering punk
Moose Knuckle
We started in a basement.
Broken Cuffs
Broken Cuffs is a punk band formed in Palmdale California in the spring of 2005 that got together to play music and have a good time with friends.
The Hacked
Punk from Quebec City
Gen Why
Texas Street Punk!