The Vanguard and Bros. Houligan Present...

Salt Creek

with Kill Vargas, Antique Gardens, Hummin' Bird
Wed Nov, 13 8:00 pm ( Doors: 7:00 pm )
The Vanguard
All Ages
Salt Creek

Indie Rock from Lincoln, NE

Kill Vargas
“With a nonchalant, laid-back tone of voice which reflects the better days of Green Day and The Offspring,backed up by surf-rock guitar and an ennui-ridden attitude, Kill Vargas‘s music should be on your watch.”

-Samarth Kanal for Punktastic 

“Kill Vargas put on an energetic, 30-minute set as members of the crowd danced, sang along, and even crowd-surfed."

-Ray Strunk for The Sunflower

“Charged up and ripping out the speakers, Kill Vargas' newest release,Tunnel Vision, spreads like a wildfire from your ears to the extent of your limbs. Immediately catchy and filled to the brim with confidence, this 6 song/24 minute follow up to Gouge/It's For The Best is just as strong and you get 3 times more songs. Not to be confused with getting more of the same—no, it’s of the same quality but this trio is not done pushing the boundaries of their capabilities.”

-Torin Andersen for We Are Wichita.
Antique Gardens
Beginning as a continuation of an unfinished project, Antique Gardens was a solo outlet for frontman Josh Willis. Shortly into its conception Willis enrolled the help of drummer Anthony Schillaci and guitarist Brandon Kempf.
​Now a full fledged trio the group has taken what Willis began and turned it into a fully realized catalogue of unguarded tunes wrapped in driving rhythms accompanied by delicate yet pointed guitar work. Blurring the lines between an array of influences the trio finds themselves exploring the questions of how to live in conjunction with ever present grief and celebrating life while acknowledging it's pitfalls. Writing from the most personal of places Willis has in turn pulled back the curtain on the emotions universally experienced but often not spoken of resulting in a cathartic release for all parties.
Hummin' Bird
Coming from a small storage space in Tulsa OK, Hummin' Bird gives you twangy punk rock fueled by cheap beer and truck stop food. Breaded and cruicifried with welts from the bible belt, they know that a life sippin' sweet tea can be easily had, but they'd rather slam Busch heavies in some rank basement. They'll also tell you that down here, 'bless your heart' doesn't really mean what you think.